Thursday, April 5, 2012

I heart you

Outfit Info
Shirt - Gift from Lulu's, Skirt- Banana Republic, Shoes - Stella Says Go

I got this adorable top at the Clothing Swap presented by and Lulu's during Texas Style Council.  I'd never gotten anything from Lulu's before and when I saw the racks of complimentary clothes they were bright and shiny and I wanted to have them.  Sadly, once I dug into the racks I realized that most of the bright and shiny weren't really the right size for a 5'11'' lady who said goodbye to size 4s dozens of cheese plates ago.  Thankfully, a super sweet blogger (who I unfortunately forgot to ask her name) had this top in her hand and graciously gave it over to me.  It fit (hooray!) and makes for the perfect, fun yet work appropriate (with a tank underneath and a high-waisted skirt) outfit for a Thursday that's really my Friday.

And I'm rocking an Easter-esque manicure since that's how I roll.  

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  1. LOVE IT!! I am so glad this went home with you and I love that you're making it office appropriate!