Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working without a net

Outfit Info
Skirt - Madewell, Shirt - H&M, Blazer - Banana Republic, Shoes - Stella Says Go

Or rather I'm working without a full-length mirror because it's one of the things still back at our old apartment that we need to bring over to the new house.  The new house whose front door I'm proudly standing in front of!  

Not quite ready to show you inside yet because I didn't get as much unpacking and beautifying done this weekend as I thought I would, so for now you get the front door.  And our adorable welcome mat from Target that coordinates nicely with the front door (total coincidence).

Back to the whole no mirror thing.  Until we get it over here, Christian's acting as my outfit cuteness test.  I think he did a pretty good job this morning, right?  I should give him some real challenges, though, like wearing two different shoes and see if he catches it and calls me out on it.  Let the games begin! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Lust

Phospho Necklace from Bauble Bar
I've seen a million (maybe slightly less) fashion bloggers wearing cool jewelry from Bauble Bar so I finally checked out the site.  So many things I want to have right now.  Like this gorgeous, bright necklace.
I'm assuming this necklace will be sold out by the next time I click on it since everything I like at Modcloth is always sold out. 

I've this Hobo wallet in a teal color and I've had it for about five years so it's looking rough.  I'm trying to convince myself that it's time for a new one.  Even though I'm not usually a big Kate Spade fan, this shiny beauty is in the running. 

On the other hand, I'm a sucker for Orla Kiely. 

I think old Hobo can feel safe for now while this debate rages on. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Outfit Info
Sweater - Madewell, Shirt - Old Navy, Skirt - Thrifted from hunt.gather.style
Watch - Target

While we were taking pictures today there were these adorable girls peeking at us from a nearby stairway.  Normally, we just get folks walking their dogs giving as weird looks as they go by so it was a nice change to have some friendly onlookers.

In other fun news, my favorite (and basically only) place to thrift - hunt.gather.style - is having another pop up shop at Etcetera (super cute store!) during Texas Style Council.  I was already excited about all the events during TxSC but now it's even better since I can't wait to get some more goodies like all the great skirts I picked up back in October at hunt.gather.style.  

Also, I think I forgot to mention that they did a sweet profile of me on their blog a few weeks back.  So cool!  Even though I wrote my interview a little too fast - whoops! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Outfit Info
Sweater - Jason Wu for Target, Dress - Anthropologie, Heels - Michael Kors, Belt - Old Navy

Christian got me this dress last year for Christmas and I've about worn it out.  Not quite, but you can see that it's definitely not brand sparkling new anymore.  

It's just so comfortable and cheery.  

Plus, all I have to do it throw it on, put on a pair of heels and grab a cardigan in case it's cool at the office and I'm ready to go.  

It also works well for non-work things like baby showers, dinner, lounging in bed with the cats. 

I always get compliments.  I always feel put together.  

I probably should've bought more than one...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

These sweets earned me a prize in the "cookie" contest at work today.  Thanks, Pinterest, for the inspiration!

Are you following me on Pinterest?  You should! 

Monday, February 13, 2012


Outfit Info
Blouse - Jason Wu for Target, Cardigan - Gap, Skirt - Thrifted from hunt.gather.style
Belt - Old Navy, Heels - Stella Says Go

Oftentimes, when I get a new piece like this adorable Jason Wu top I end up just pairing it with something safe - jeans, a black skirt, etc.  So I'm a little proud (OK, a lot proud) of myself for pairing it with brightly colored pieces and a printed belt.  Score 1 for Julie and a vibrant Monday outfit.

Also, let me apologize in advance for my sporadic posting over the next couple weeks.  We're moving (yay!) plus things are super busy for both Christian and me work-wise so I'm not sure how much time we'll have to get outfit shots. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Elbow patches

Outfit info
Blazer - H&M, Shirt - Anthropologie, Skirt - Thrifted from hunt.gather.style, Boots - Aldo
Necklaces - J Crew, Bracelets - J Crew, Watch - Michael Kors

One of my favorite parts of this blazer is the elbow patches.  Don't see them?  Yeah, that's because I forgot to have Christian take pictures of them.  Clearly, I'm ready for Friday and the weekend.  Please trust me that there are some cute elbow patches on that jacket that are almost the same color as the skirt.  The giraffe will back me up on this.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Variation on a theme (Target )

Outfit Info
Sweater - Missoni for Target, Tee - Target, Pants - Gap, Heels - Calvin Klein, 
Necklace - Coatt (personalized with a special phrase by Christian at Mercury), Watch - Target

Sorry for the late post but we went to see Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert tonight.  Their show was super funny and their friendship plays well.

Back to the business at hand, though.  Jason Wu for Target yesterday, Missoni for Target today.  I'm on a roll.  I'd wear Proenza Schouler for Target tomorrow but sadly I grew out of all of that.  And by "grew out of", I mean my butt got too big.  But I think it's much more endearing to say I grew out of something like I'm still 10 years old and going through a natural growth spurt rather than a not-so-cute-growth spurt brought on by too many brownies and cupcakes.