Thursday, March 29, 2012


Outfit Info
Shirt - J Crew, Pants - Gap, Heels that are sinking into the ground - J Crew
Bracelets - J Crew and J Crew Outlet, Earrings - Target

It's so infrequent that I wear pants that one of my coworkers totally called me out on it today.  And while she said I looked great in pants, my response was "Yeah but if I gain/lose a few pounds, pants = not so forgiving".  Which is one of the many reasons I prefer skirts and dresses.  Gain a few pounds, pull that formally hip hugger skirt up into a high-waisted number.  Gain a few pounds in pants and there's just nowhere to go. 

And thus concludes Part 1 in my 234 part series of why skirts and dresses are far superior to pants. Stay tuned for the thrilling follow ups.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flower checks

Outfit Info
Shirt - Gap Outlet (I actually have this in multiple colors and I have have two of the gray one.  I blame Christian), Skirt - Ralph Lauren Outlet, Shoes - Stella Says Go, 
Bracelet - Banana Republic, Watch - Target

I love all of the beautiful greenness in our backyard.  We have french doors in our master bedroom so I can just lie in bed (one of my favorite activities) (let's be honest, my favorite activity) and take in nature (in between naps, of course).  

You know who else loves our backyard?  This neighborhood stray cat who loves coming up to our french doors and trying to start a fight with our cats.  That little bugger tried to come up and make friends with me while we were taking pics today.  No, sir/ma'am, you torment my cats and you've me up in the middle of the night far too many times for us to be buddies.  Plus, you probably have fleas.  

If we could even get a curtain rod and some curtains hung in the bedroom, that would help dissuade these kitty battles, but that will involve me picking curtains and that's not my favorite decor activity.  So I'll probably just continue to blame the cat who doesn't know any better rather than take any culpability for myself.  Yup, that's how I roll.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Simple kick

Outfit Info
Sweater - Gap, Skirt - Madewell, Shoes - Michael Kors, Necklace - Anthropologie

As the weather gets warmer here in Texas, I tend to gravitate toward simpler outfits.  While I was trying to figure out last night what on earth I was going to wear today, I went to Sydney of Basic Cravings for inspiration.  She excels at keeping things simple but always looking perfectly stylist and put together.  So that's what I went for today.

I couldn't resist putting on that huge Anthropologie necklace, though, because it doesn't make it out of my closet enough even though it goes with a ton of things.

The other thing I love about this outfit is that I used that Gap sweater.  That baby has been around for years.  (And it still fits - yay!)  It doesn't seem like something I would hold onto for so long but the color is fun and it's such a good weight that I've never purged it.  Which I'm very happy for today since it found a new friend in my Madewell skirt.  Bringing the old and the new together on a Monday morning.  So sweet.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comfort blocking

Outfit info
Dress - Anthropologie, Cardigan - Old Navy

Try not to be too impressed with my styling abilities today.  Instead, be impressed with my catchy post title.  

I had a ton of running around to do today between meetings at the office and appointments around town so I decided to wear the work equivalent of PJs - a beyond comfy jersey dress, cardigan and some flats.  If it was ever so slightly warmer and my leopard flip flops weren't missing (seriously, is anybody checking into this?), I would've stepped it up even more and gone flip flops.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Under protest

Outfit Info
Skirt - Thrifted from, Shirt - Express (similar here), Heels - J Crew (similar here)
Watch - Target, Earrings - stolen from my mom

First, you should know that Christian took these photos under protest.  He's not a fan of leopard print.  He puts up with my leopard iPhone case and my leopard flip flops (which are actually missing right now hmm...), but when I came home on Saturday afternoon with this full-on leopard skirt he wasn't impressed.  Of course, when he saw how darn adorable it looked with a button up and heels, he was convinced that he should still take my picture. But I think there was a glint of leopard hating protest still in his eye.

Now that we've got that covered, let's move on.

Spending last weekend at Texas Style Council was a total blast and a great learning experience.

Plus, we got to go shopping and this skirt was one of the awesome finds I picked up at the pop up shop.  Those ladies really do find the best stuff.  If you need to see more evidence of that fact, well keep checking in here :)  And, check out my lovely buddy Alta over at Valliant Style who is ROCKING one of her finds - an amazing librarian-style dress today. 

More on Texas Style Council later this week when I'm more recovered from the weekend of activities. 

Friday, March 9, 2012


Outfit Info
Sweater - Old Navy, Blazer - H&M, Cords, Heels, Bracelet (now on sale), Necklace - J Crew (similar heels here)
In case you couldn't tell, I'm more than a little proud that we remembered to take pics of the lovely elbow patches on this comfy H&M blazer.  

Unfortunately those patches seem to have an ill effect on me because I've been feeling a little under the weather since I wore them on Wednesday (thus the reason this post is delayed).

But, Texas Style Council starts tonight (woohoo!) so I'm hoping that a day of rest today will get me energized for an activity and fun-filled weekend with other bloggers like the awesome Alta from Vallaint Style who I got to meet up with on Sunday. 

Ok, judging by that last overly long sentence, I need a little more rest before interacting with other people.  In between resting today, I'll also be picking out my second item for the and LuLu's clothing swap tonight (the first item is an amazing Anthro dress that I'm finally admitting I'll never fit into again), polishing my nails a bright color to combat the rainy weather, and probably buying an umbrella.  Oh yeah, and I should probably figure out what I'm wearing...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flamingo shadows

Outfit info
Sweater and blouse - Old Navy, Skirt - Anthropologie, Heels - Michael Kors
Necklace - J Crew Outlet 

Doesn't that sound like the name of the latest hipster band?  I should probably copyright/trademark/something that real quick before it's appropriated.  

In case you're wondering, no, I'm not wearing white tights; those are just my bare, sexy, pasty legs.  That lack of light is really not doing those babies any favors.  I'm not a bigger tanner person (is that the right term?  Is it better to say Snooki is not my idol?), but maybe I need to get a little color.  Or at least never let Christian take photos in that kind of light with my legs bare again.  

I should probably say something about that adorable skirt I'm wearing I'm still cracking myself up with the hipster band name and trying to research the best fake tanner so I'll take my leave now.  

Monday, March 5, 2012

A word of warning (and some lovely dots)

Outfit Info
Shirt and sweater - Anthropologie, Skirt - Thrifted from, Boots - Aldo, Ring - Target

Hunt Gather Style is having another pop up shop this weekend during the Texas Style Council.  I'm super excited about the conference and about the opportunity to find some awesome new stuff at HGS.  For all the other blogger attendees, please know that I'm not afraid to bust out an elbow if you're going for a piece at HGS that I want. 

Just kidding.


I watched Gladiator last night as part of my plan to study up on fighting techniques.  And because Joaquin Phoenix is hot.