Saturday, December 31, 2011


Outfit info
Sweater - Old Navy, Button up - H&M, Jeans - Gap
Deer Scarf! - Madewell, iPhone case - J Crew, Watch - Michael Kors, Bracelet - J Crew

Much to the chagrin of many of our Texas friends and neighbors, Christian and I have a love for deer.  There's a herd (?) of them that live in a business complex right next to our apartment area.  And we love driving by, saying hello, exchanges stories about the weather, how the family's doing, etc.  Yes, that probably makes us weird, but we're OK with that.  Anyway, my love for our deer made me jump for joy (slight exaggeration) when I saw this scarf at Madewell the day after Christmas and doubly on sale.  So I bought it and wore it even though it really hasn't been cold enough during the day here for two layers and a scarf.  Whatever.  

I wonder if our deer will also enjoy my new sparkly iPhone case?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Running out for Chinese

Outfit Info
Sweater - J Crew (on sale!), Jeans - Gap, Boots - Aldo
Some good friends called us the other night and invited us to meet them for Chinese food.  So I threw on as many Christmas gifts as I could and ran out with Christian for some delicious food.  All of that's true except the running part; I never run.  
The purse is a big sister to the little blue/white one I wore to impress Jeremy Renner.  (I know, I know, quit talking about Jeremy Renner, especially while wearing all those gifts from your husband.)  That little bit on the back of the purse isn't a lowjack installed by Christian, but it is a compass so I can always find my way home.  Also, so I can find my way back to First Chinese BBQ.  Often.  The eggplant with Szechuan pork was beyond delicious.

Back to the clothes.  I plan on wearing this snuggly J Crew sweater as often as I can before it's back up to 100 degrees here in Austin.  So basically as many times as I can in the next six weeks.

A year worth of Christmas gifts

One thing on my Christmas wishlist was a Birchbox subscription.
I love going out and buying new clothes and accessories, but besides my nail polish fixation I tend to be very basic when it comes to beauty products, so I thought it would be fun and push me a little to get a box of samples once a month.
When I opened the first box Christmas day, I was a little worried because in addition to a cute Jouer gloss and dry shampoo from Oscar Blandi, which I was totally excited about, there was perfume in there.  In the past five years, I've stuck to Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein Euphoria, and various manifestiations of those two perfumes and nothing else.  See what I mean about needing to be pushed a little?  The Yogini scent from Harvey Prince is growing on me, though, and I've already worn it a couple times.  I normally shy away from new fragrances because I often get headaches from them but this one seems to have passed that test.  Describing perfume isn't really my strength, so if you're curious, I would check out the Harvey Prince site.
Thanks, Mom!  And thanks to Christian for giving her the rec!

Besides, the perfume, shampoo and gloss, there's also ShowStoppers fashion tape, EBoost orange energy booster and Nuxe mulit-usage dry oil shimmer, which I think I'll try in my hair.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Office party (OMG look out - you're about to get eaten by that huge tree!)

Outfit Info
Jacket - Banana Republic (similar here), Sparkly tank - Old Navy, Skirt - Madewell, 
Belt - J Crew (similar here), Wedges - J Crew, Clutch - H&M, Deer Ring - Target

My work office party was several weeks ago but I forgot to post the pics.  Whoops!  Since then I've fixed those ridiculous dark roots that I'm rockin' in these photos.  The tree is still large and looming.  The cats have almost beaten it into submission, though.
I love everything in this outfit and I wear most of the pieces a lot (as evidenced by the sparkly tank also making a showing when I went out to impress Mr. Renner).  The shoes are comfy, the ring is fun (although not a good piece if you're doing a lot of clothes trying on), and the skirt is one of my favorite purchases from the fall.  I like that even though the skirt is light the weather here's so mild that I can keep wearing it through winter.  And that clutch, I bought it 6 years ago at a Paris H&M, and it never fails.  My jacket is getting a little overworn, though, so I may need to investigate that similar one at J Crew soon.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dressing to impress Jeremy Renner

AKA what I wore to go see Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Cardigan - JCrew (similar here), Jeans - Gap, Sparkly tank - Old Navy, Boots - AldoBelt - Old Navy, Watch - Michael Kors

Hmm... Where should Jeremy and I honeymoon?  Does he love board games as much as I do?  Would he enjoy having them in the bedroom during the holidays because the giant Christmas tree has taken over a third of the living room?

Oh that?  That's a new Anthro Christmas purse from my real husband.  It's so pretty and cute and perfect.

Now that I think about it, Jeremy and I probably aren't meant for each other.  As much as I enjoy him in action movies, I'm sure he doesn't have that awesome taste in handbags.