Thursday, March 29, 2012


Outfit Info
Shirt - J Crew, Pants - Gap, Heels that are sinking into the ground - J Crew
Bracelets - J Crew and J Crew Outlet, Earrings - Target

It's so infrequent that I wear pants that one of my coworkers totally called me out on it today.  And while she said I looked great in pants, my response was "Yeah but if I gain/lose a few pounds, pants = not so forgiving".  Which is one of the many reasons I prefer skirts and dresses.  Gain a few pounds, pull that formally hip hugger skirt up into a high-waisted number.  Gain a few pounds in pants and there's just nowhere to go. 

And thus concludes Part 1 in my 234 part series of why skirts and dresses are far superior to pants. Stay tuned for the thrilling follow ups.  

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  1. I absolutely agree that skirts/dresses are better than pants!! Love the Jcrew chambray shirt--I wear mine all the time!