Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Lost Interview featuring a snood

Cardigan - J Crew (gift), Jeans  - Gap, Tee - Target, SNOOD - Target, Flats - Strut Austin (not sure brand), Earrings - Target

You say infinity scarf, my husband says snood.  And this snood came in handy for beating back a chill at the Violet Crown Theatre while we were watching the Steve Jobs' documentary The Lost Interview.

Every year for the husband's birthday we go to see a movie of his choosing.  Usually a really bad movie. (For reference, please see Southland Tales.  Don't actually see it because then you'll hate me, but feel free to check out what others have said about it.  Although, Justin Timberlake is in it so you could always just push mute and fast forward through any non-JT scenes. Sadly, that wasn't an option when we saw it in the theater.  Thankfully, walking out was, which is what I did along with a lot of other folks.)

Anyway, this year we went to see The Lost Interview.  And even though there was no JT and I wanted to reach into the screen and push back a random piece of Jobs' hair for close to half the movie, it was darn good.  I think my snood enjoyed it as well.

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