Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prepping for a house (apartment) guest

One of the things I was so thankful for during Thanksgiving is that my brother came to visit.  We hadn't seen him since our wedding two years ago so it was awesome to have a couple days to hang out, eat a lot, show him a couple things in Austin (like great sushi at Kome and the amazingness that is the Lamar Whole Foods store).

Since we had a guest coming and I was off work and puttering around the house, I decided to put a couple extra touches in our guest bathroom.  Usually that bathroom is just home to the cats' food, a thing of soap and a hand towel.  Not so welcoming.  So I added:

A mug from our anniversary trip to Marfa (bought at the Thunderbird Motel - LOVE) with some toothpaste (I always forget mine);

Airborne since there are colds going around; some Malin + Goetz shower gel also from the Thunderbird; and Kleenex + Q Tips because those are always useful.  All gathered together in a bowl from Anthropologie.

And I was super nice and let him keep the soap too.

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