Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flower checks

Outfit Info
Shirt - Gap Outlet (I actually have this in multiple colors and I have have two of the gray one.  I blame Christian), Skirt - Ralph Lauren Outlet, Shoes - Stella Says Go, 
Bracelet - Banana Republic, Watch - Target

I love all of the beautiful greenness in our backyard.  We have french doors in our master bedroom so I can just lie in bed (one of my favorite activities) (let's be honest, my favorite activity) and take in nature (in between naps, of course).  

You know who else loves our backyard?  This neighborhood stray cat who loves coming up to our french doors and trying to start a fight with our cats.  That little bugger tried to come up and make friends with me while we were taking pics today.  No, sir/ma'am, you torment my cats and you've me up in the middle of the night far too many times for us to be buddies.  Plus, you probably have fleas.  

If we could even get a curtain rod and some curtains hung in the bedroom, that would help dissuade these kitty battles, but that will involve me picking curtains and that's not my favorite decor activity.  So I'll probably just continue to blame the cat who doesn't know any better rather than take any culpability for myself.  Yup, that's how I roll.  

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