Friday, December 30, 2011

Running out for Chinese

Outfit Info
Sweater - J Crew (on sale!), Jeans - Gap, Boots - Aldo
Some good friends called us the other night and invited us to meet them for Chinese food.  So I threw on as many Christmas gifts as I could and ran out with Christian for some delicious food.  All of that's true except the running part; I never run.  
The purse is a big sister to the little blue/white one I wore to impress Jeremy Renner.  (I know, I know, quit talking about Jeremy Renner, especially while wearing all those gifts from your husband.)  That little bit on the back of the purse isn't a lowjack installed by Christian, but it is a compass so I can always find my way home.  Also, so I can find my way back to First Chinese BBQ.  Often.  The eggplant with Szechuan pork was beyond delicious.

Back to the clothes.  I plan on wearing this snuggly J Crew sweater as often as I can before it's back up to 100 degrees here in Austin.  So basically as many times as I can in the next six weeks.

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