Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't you LOVE my new purse?

Outfit Info
Shirt - Old Navy, Skirt - Banana Republic, Shoes - Calvin Klein, Watch - Target
Bright and shiny new purse - Target (I can't find it online - grrr - but I swear it's at the store!)

1. I love this shirt with this skirt.  So much better than when I wore it with black pants.  It's all classicy and wonderful.

2. I love this purse.  It's such a bright pick-me-up and totally appropriate given the spring weather we had this week.  Also, I've had a ton of people tell me they love it.  That could be because I walk up to everyone I see and say "Don't you LOVE my new purse?".  Or because I've been running so late to work this week I've had to schlep my purse to every morning meeting because I didn't have time to drop it at my desk.  One of those is true.

Zoya Megan polish is still going strong. 

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