Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Lust

This week I tried to break away from my shopping go-to places (you know, J Crew, Anthro, Old Navy, Target) and find things at new places I don't normally go to.  It was a bit of a challenge (especially since I'd already found a ton of stuff to post on J Crew and Anthro before I had my genius idea) but I ended up with an 83% success rate and found some really cute things.  Now, to just order something... 

Floral Sunrise Pleated Dress also from Ruche. Perfect for the long hot summer in Austin. 

Bonheur White Shirt Dress from Shabby Apple.  Every summer I look for a white dress and I never get one.  I'm a little skeptical that this one isn't see through, though.  Just one of the many reasons why I end every summer with still no white dress.

I also need a new white blazer.  This one from French Connection looks great. 

Logan High Heel City Sandal from Lands' End Canvas
I had to include this giraffe bracelet from J Crew because she would be such good friends with my giraffe necklace from J Crew! 

Of course, what I'm really lusting after this week is the Jason Wu for Target collection.  Only 2 more days!  I need to keep going through the key outfit flashcards with Christian so he knows what to scoop up Sunday morning. 

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