Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday lust

We're moving into our first rental house in February so I'm in total furniture and home decor obsession mode.  If you know somebody/somewhere with a mid-century credenza for sale, let me know; it's #1 on my priority list!

I LOVE this credenza from Uptown Modern here in Austin but it's a little (OK, a lot) more than I'd like to pay right now. 

Potential dining chairs (we currently have four that are bright green and metal but we'd like at least two more)

Would love two of these from CB2 but they're a little pricey.  Also, not totally sure how this shade of green would work with our other chairs.

Also from CB2 and a better price point.

This rug from Three Potato Four would be awesome in our bedroom (that has french doors leading out to the backyard, btw!) but, like the credenza I'm lusting after, it's a little out of the price range for now.

If it turns out this house has a secret money tree in the back, we'll also need to get these gorgeous nightstands from West Elm along with the credenza, green chairs and rug.

I think this bookcase from Urban Outfitters is a definite yes for storage in the living or dining room.  Money tree or no money tree.


  1. the credenza is so pretty! hopefully you can find something similar but with a cheaper price tag ;-)

  2. Take a road trip to Abilene, TX or any small town along the way! Trust me! It is worth the trip, because there is a crap load of furniture that is uber cheap and wonderful! Take a trailer and make a road trip out of it! Let me know if you do go, cuz I know all the best furniture places.

    1. I'm actually going to go visit my mom in San Angelo this weekend and she's already found at least one credenza at an awesome price. If I like it in person, I'll definitely be snatching it up. If I don't, I'll be asking for a list of places in Abilene!