Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Birchbox

Somehow the last day of January snuck up on me and I realized I hadn't posted about my January Birchbox yet.  I'll admit, I wasn't blown over excited when I got this month's Birchbox.  It had concealer (which I never use), eye serum (which I never use), and another perfume (which, as I've mentioned, I'm wary of trying new perfumes generally).  But then I remembered that part of the reason I really wanted a Birchbox subscription was so that I would try new things.  So yay for new things! 

Zoya nail polish in Megan: This was the item I was most excited about.  I have a huge nail polish obsession (not as severe as my Target obsession, but it's up there) and I had never tried Zoya.  The color came out great on my nails.  I'll try to get a shot of them before I switch colors; I tried with my iPhone but they weren't coming out well. 

Juicy Couture perfume: I've sprayed this on a tissue and I think I like it but I haven't taken the plunge and worn it for a full day yet.  It has a sweet smell, which I like in small bursts, but I worry it'll trigger a headache if I have it on all day.  I'll keep you updated.  As a side note, this is my first Juicy Couture product ever.

Miracle Skin Transformer concealer: Despite having acne prone skin for basically 15 years I've never been a big concealer person.  Just one more thing to buy and put on in the morning and it didn't seem worth the money and effort.  I'm not sure that this concealer will cause me a 180 from my 15 years of habits but when I need it and remember to use it, it's awesome.  

VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything: eye serum: I'm turning 30 this year.  I need to get on the intense eye cream/serum wagon and this is getting me started.  

'wichcraft granola: Tasty!  Made me miss New York, though. 


  1. I've been reading about Birchbox on several blogs I follow, and I'm just wondering if you think it's worth the money. I tend to stick to my favorite products, but maybe this would give me the chance to branch out a little?

  2. I've been getting Birchbox for 6 months and they all sit in a stack in my bedroom. I really need to get better about using the products. Your post has inspired me to work on trying each item at least once and then I'll blog about it too!
    Also, its interesting to see the differences in each box, my nail polish this month was a dark shimmery green and I got Kate Spade perfume. Can't wait to compare next month!

  3. Jen - For $10/month, it's worth it to me so far. Of course, I also received it as a gift :) It's fun to get it in the mail and I do like that it's pushing me to try new things. Also, I made a trip to Sephora the other night and resisted all the little goodies in the line by the cash register by telling myself that I had Birchbox goodies at home to try. We'll see how long this discipline lasts, though!

    Alta - Get to trying everything! And, yes, that'll be super fun to compare what we're getting in our boxes each month. Maybe we can swap some things, too.