Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Zero: 66/1001 days update

Two months into the Day Zero challenge I've realized that I need to actually post my list up in the apartment because I'd totally forgotten some of the things that are on the list and I definitely need a visual reminder of my goals.
With that caveat, I've only been able to fully cross three things off the list.  But, I'm making progress on others and I think now that I'll be seeing my list more frequently in hard copy I'll pick up the pace. 
Start Date: November 1, 2011
End Date: July 29, 2014
Items complete so far: 3
  1. Have a baby
  2. Get a new passport with my married name so I can go out of the country again
  3. Go out of the country
  4. Go to Santa Fe Fiestas
  5. Go to Ten Thousand Waves
  6. Go to Marfa again
  7. Go to Seattle
  8. Go back to New York (for a visit, not to live)
  9. Go to Maine
  10. Go to Napa
  11. Go on a road trip
  12. Go on a trip with someone other than Christian
  13. Stay at Hotel Saint Cecilia
  14. Go on the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory tour
  15. Get to the point where I can fly without taking anything, including Dramamine - flew to Dallas and back but goal is a longer flight
  16. Visit 5 of the organizations we work with
  17. Try 50 new (to me) restaurants or food trailers - First Chinese BBQ, The Homegrown Revival, East Side Showroom, Urban, Malaga
  18. Go see at least one Ballet Austin performance
  19. Go to AMOA at Laguna Gloria
  20. Go to Arthouse at the Jones Center
  21. Go to the Pecan Street Festival
  22. Go to Eeyore's birthday party
  23. Go kayaking
  24. Go skiing or try snowboarding
  25. Go for a bike ride
  26. Go to Le Garage Sale at least once
  27. Go to Bloom (Kendi Everyday's store)
  28. Go see the one man show of Lord of the Rings
  29. Go to a UT football game with Christian
  30. Go to an Astros game
  31. Watch the bats come out at Congress Bridge
  32. Go to Salt Lick
  33. Go to the Kite Festival at Zilker Park
  34. Get a tattoo
  35. Ride a Vespa
  36. Learn at least the basics of Photoshop
  37. Complete a 365 photo challenge
  38. Make our wedding album
  39. Get new pro photos taken of Christian and me
  40. Learn how to knit something other than a scarf - learned how to purl so I'm on my way!
  41. Take a screenprinting class
  42. Take an upholstery class and re-upholster our green chair
  43. Take a pilates class
  44. Make 5 quilts (any size counts)
  45. Make a dress
  46. Spray paint something
  47. Embroider a set of napkins
  48. Make at least 10 things that I pin on Pinterest
  49. Gift something I've sewn/embroidered/knitted to 10 different people (apron to Madeleine)
  50. Beat Christian at Trivial Pursuit (I did beat him at Scrabble so that's good!)
  51. Read 100 books - Goodreads list
  52. Read How to Win Friends and Influence People and try to implement
  53. Read an entire issue of The Economist - every.single.article
  54. Continue with my current mentor and then find another one
  55. Go a week without TV
  56. Go an entire weekend without email or internet (laptop or phone).
  57. Go a month without spending any unnecessary money (basically, no clothes or random things from Target)
  58. Figure out my 401(k)
  59. Get rid of bad debt
  60. Buy a house
  61. Make a budget and stick to it for 3 months
  62. Make a 3 year career plan
  63. Build my blog
  64. Open an Etsy shop
  65. Help someone with an organization or interior design project
  66. Make a new friend outside of work
  67. Clean out all the cabinets, closets and drawers of unnecessary stuff - bedroom, closet and master bath done
  68. Go 1 month without refined sugar
  69. Cook dinner once a week for a month three times
  70. Re-learn how to make my Grandma's taffy
  71. Take a charcuterie class with the Kocureks
  72. Make a meal using only local ingredients
  73. Make Star Wars cookies using the molds from William Sonoma, including the fancy icing
  74. Make at least 6 new recipes a year
  75. Learn how to bake a pie other than pecan
  76. Make a cake from scratch, rather than a box
  77. Dress up for Halloween every year
  78. Send holiday cards every year
  79. Decorate a Christmas tree on 360
  80. Spend a Thanksgiving with our friends
  81. Spend a Christmas just Christian, me and the cats
  82. Learn how to curl my hair with a straightening iron - know how to do it, now I just need my hair long enough so it looks good!
  83. Once my hair gets longer, wear it down rather than in a ponytail at least once a week
  84. Get my acne under control and gone if possible
  85. Wear red lipstick at least once a month - 11/11, 12/11, 1/12
  86. Find the perfect shade of nude lip color - see post here
  87. Learn 3 new board or card games
  88. Complete Couch to 5k
  89. Try 10 new fruits, veggies, foods - 1. pig's blood, 2. oysters (cooked and raw)
  90. See a psychic
  91. Have a party
  92. Visit my niece or have her visit us
  93. Get allergy shots so I don't have to worry about ant bites
  94. Start playing the piano again
  95. Don't complain about anything for a week
  96. Pay for the person behind me in the drive-thru
  97. Volunteer at the Austin Public Library
  98. Make a donation to the same nonprofit every year - 2011
  99. TBD
  100. TBD
  101. TBD

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