Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seeing dots

Outfit Info
Cardigan - Banana Republic, Skirt - Thrifted from, Tights - Who knows
Shoes - J Crew, Earrings - Stolen from my mom
My mom wasn't happy when I stole those earrings.  But comeon, giant, black, oval earrings with a flower motif imprint?  Those babies needed to come home with me.  If they weren't living with me now there would be far too many days with no earrings in my ears.  And dad didn't get my ears pierced when I was 4 and you were out of town so I could go earring-less now did he, mom?  I think not.

Thankfully, the earrings are living happily with me and they were thrilled to be paired with this lovely polka dotted skirt today.  

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