Monday, January 30, 2012

Seeing red

Outfit Info
Jeans - Old Navy, Shirt - Tucker for Target, Sweater - Old Navy
Earrings - Anthropologie 

What's that?  My title's a little cliche and boring?  You're right.  But it's a Monday.  

Moving onto talking about Target.  This shirt is one of those pieces that you've probably seen several (million) times if you like reading fashion blogs.  The shirt or it's sister dress with this print was evidently a popular purchase.  And a popular purchase that's still going strong several seasons (years?) after it was first released.   

I'm excited for Jason Wu for Target not only because I met Jason at my former job and he was super cool but also because the pieces look like things I'll want to wear for years.  If the dresses are long enough for me, which is often an obstacle I run into with these lines and my 5'11" self.  Sunday morning I'll be in West Texas visiting my mom.  I'm on the fence as to whether this will be an advantage because fewer people will be at her Target (I went there a couple weeks after Missoni launched and there were still prime items in stock) or if it won't get the cool dresses/skirts I want because it's a smaller town.  To be sure all my bases are covered, I've convinced Christian to get up early Sunday morning to stand in light and fight with women at our local Target for clothes as well.  He's a good, good man.       

Thank you for joining me for this session of Julie's Way Too Obsessed With Target, Especially When They Launch a Capsule Collection With a Designer She Loves.  I'll try to hold my obsession in the rest of the week but no promises.  

Who else is excited for Jason Wu?  Any strategies?  If you're in Austin, do you want a picture of my husband so you'll know who the one guy is in there with all the ladies and that he's there for a good cause?

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