Thursday, January 26, 2012

Texas girl

Outfit Info
Dress - Anthropologie, Boots - Aldo, Belt - Target
Watch - Michael Kors, Bracelet - J Crew

Whenever I wear this outfit, one of my co-workers tells me I'm looking very Texan.

We took these photos across the street from one of our favorite restaurants: Contigo Austin.  Since I was all Texan-ed up, we probably should have gone two stepping or something afterwards, but instead we went across the street for Manhattans, tempura fried green beans, fried pork skin, and delicious white bean dip.  

I just love this little park.  It's such a cool backdrop.  I think we'll need to go there for photos more often.  Especially given its proximity to the Manhattans and the green beans.    

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