Thursday, January 12, 2012

Green with envy

Outift Info
Blazer - Banana Republic, Shirt - Anthropologie, Skirt - Thrifted from
Shoes - Target, Bracelet - H&M, Watch - Michael Kors
This green skirt just makes me happy.  Like twirling around in our parking lot at 8:30 in the morning like a crazy person happy.  It also makes me happy because I get a ton of compliments on the color whenever I wear it.  Mostly from the cats.  They know a good skirt when they see one.  And generally see to destroy it.
Like my leather skirt that I adore, I got this green beauty at a sale during my birthday weekend in October.  I hope there's another one of those before spring/summer so I can stock up on awesome stuff at good prices *hint hint*.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE THAT SKIRT ON YOU!!!! i almost decided to keep that one, but i'm known for not wearing color, and i was afraid i wouldn't wear it enough.

    you made some great purchases at!! we will be having another shop VERY soon. stay tuned!!