Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In the car? Really?

Outfit Info
Cardigan - Madewell, Top - Gap, Jeans - Old Navy,
Shoes - Stella Says Go, Necklace - Urban Outfitters

I was driving to work today and stopped at a red light next to a woman brushing her teeth.  In her car.





I was in this outfit, driving along.  And she was in her car brushing her teeth.

I realize I shouldn't be so shocked since I used to excel at doing my makeup on the subway in New York.  But all I kept thinking as I drove away was - where is she going to spit?


  1. I've brushed my teeth in the car before. I'd spit in an empty soda/water bottle...true story...

  2. I'm not surprised that I'm cool like that either...and that I value fresh breath...

    ...I don't often floss in the car though...and by often I mean never. Somethings should be relegated to the privacy of your own bedroom.