Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Snippets

Loving my new lamp and shade from Target.  Totally adds a great touch to our living room.  I can't find the lamp online but at our Target it was in the aisle with the "new/featured" home stuff.  And I snatched that baby right up as soon as I saw it.  Christian found the awesome shade with the design inside that shows through when the light is on.  The pitcher was a wedding gift and it comes from Anthropologie.

Good stuff

Giant turnips from Farmhouse Delivery.  Christian will be roasting these babies tonight.

At a park while we were out walking this week

Senor Kitty Paws is protective of the Scrabble

And, finally, a pic of Magnum P.I. so she can't accuse me of favoring her sister.  Don't tell her the photo I posted of her I took while there was something clearly on the lens of my iPhone camera. 

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